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Notice: Doodles are by the hour , you will only be charged for the actual time your dog is on the table/tub not while in que or waiting. Most doodles take approx 2 to 3 hrs.

Expert Care for Doodle Breeds

Welcome to Doodle Mania, where we specialize in the care and grooming of Doodle breeds. As a proud owner of two Golden Doodle girls myself, I understand the unique needs and requirements that come with these beloved breeds. With years of experience and a deep appreciation for Doodles, rest assured that your furry friend will receive the highest standard of care and attention when you book them with us.

Tailored Packages for Doodle Breeds

Booking your Doodle under any of our full strut packages is a breeze, tailored to accommodate their specific size and grooming needs. However, it’s essential to understand that Doodle breeds require patience and time due to their diverse coat types, including curly, wavy, poodle coats, long hair, and variations in thickness. Each Doodle is unique, and to provide an accurate quote, I must physically evaluate and assess your pet, ensuring they receive the precise care they deserve. Our pricing structure reflects this dedication, with a nominal rate of $50.00 per hour for grooming services.

Exceptional Care, Tailored to Your Doodle

At Doodle Mania, we understand the intricacies of grooming Doodle breeds, from their distinctive coats to their individual temperaments. Our commitment to excellence means that every Doodle that enters our salon receives personalized care and attention, ensuring they leave looking and feeling their absolute best. Trust us to provide your Doodle with the care and expertise they deserve, as we strive to exceed your expectations and keep your furry companion happy and healthy.

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